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About Us

Warm Welcome to our web portal site www.nsm-qatar.com

We Natural Super Market is realaize " உணவே மருந்து", so decided to bring and introduce our Indian Traditional unique helathy food products which is most of items are not avilable in the Qatar market.

We heartly welcome you to the online portal which is very ease and awesomeness at the same time.

We re-introduce a traditional theme in a smarter way. Being a sustainable business, our focus is to enhance Human Health by allowing people to access a great range of quality food products and to bring and spread the traditional knowledge of healthy foods into the modern era. We specialize in bringing high quality and premium food items in order to make our customers healthy, beauty and goodness.

Ensuring Quality – From farmers to bottles - naturally

Team @ Standard Cold Pressed Oil is primarily focused to bring the edible oil should be real and from nature available to everyone. We have taken up this ambitious project and moving to each & every indian household that our great ancestors used 1000 years ago.

Standard Cold Pressed Oil is a significant and continually growing Indian company having manufacturing unit at Erode, Tamilnadu. We are the leading specialist manufacturers of high quality cold pressed oils, using our traditional method.

We are proud of our brand "Standard Cold Pressed Oil", we produce cold pressed nutritional oils. We do not employ chemical or solvent extraction processes, ensuring the aroma, flavour and nutritional characteristics of our quality raw materials are preserved.

The company is recognized as a market leader for freshness, premium quality, lab certified & specialized in producing high quality of cold pressed oils.

Shop securely online for the most extensive range of high quality cold pressed oils, raw honey, desi cow ghee, palm jaggery & palm sugar.

Buy online and have India's most trusted brand of cold pressed oils delivered to your door anywhere in India. No minimum order & trial packs available.

FREE Home delivery
Minimum order value of QAR 100 to obtain free home delivery within 48 hours.